The healing art Practiced by Professor Okazaki, Seifukujitsu is integral to the Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju-Jitsu System (it is important to understand how to heal what you can destroy.) Okazaki put such an emphasis on its knowledge it was a prerequisite for black belt rank.

The system of massage which is based on traditional Japanese medical applications uses the principle of Amma which literally means to massage, using the massage to iron the muscles out, this while smoothing out the tension and knots in the muscles encourages the blood and lymphatic flow around the body, at the same time as opening the meridian points as they are passed over, as the practitioner advances these are worked on more specifically allowing the treatment of specific conditions and ailments, this direct application of the meridian points in Ju-Jitsu is know as Kappo.


Kappo is the advanced technique of applying pressure to points to perform resuscitation, this is not only resuscitation of the whole body, but can be used to resuscitate specific areas of the body, such as chest or a specific limb which has been damaged.

For further info on Seifukujitsu or Kappo speak with your instructor.

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