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Professor Stephen L. Barber

Professor Stephen L. Barber

Commenced his martial arts training under the tutelage of Professor Bill Beach in 1970.  Professor Beach received his Professor rank through the AJJF as a student of Professors Ray and Marie Law.  As Steve was progressing through the ranks, Professor Beach once awarded Steve with a trophy for “Best Techniques”.  After the trophy award ceremony concluded on the mat, Professor Beach privately approached Steve and quietly told him that he was awarded the trophy because he performed each and every technique with everything he had inside him, not because his technique was actually better than everyone else’s!

And this continues to be Professor Barber’s trademark to this day when on the mat (whether to train or to teach)… total commitment and total focus, giving everything he has inside him.

Professor Barber and his son, Sensei Jason Parrish, opened their joint venture dojo on Feb. 6, 2012.  Their commitment is to continue the art of Kodenkan Jiu-Jitsu as taught by Professor Bill Beach.  In 2010 Professor Beach, Shihan/Judan of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, promoted Professor Barber to the rank of Kudan, Director of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, and Grand Master of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System in order to assure the continuation of the system Professor Beach developed.

Recognizing the roots of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, both Prof. Barber and Sensei Parrish are reaching out to their Danzan-Ryu brothers to promote the teachings of Professor Henry Okazaki.


Jean-Paul BINDEL started judo in 1967 in the South West of France. He studied study law and criminology in Toulouse and won local judo tournaments. He also won a silver medal at the French University Judo Championship and the French Police Judo Championship. He also holds victories in local Karate competitions and was French Police Sambo champion.

As well as Judo, Jean-Paul BINDEL also trained in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. After attending seminars under Minoru and Hiroo MOCHIZUKI he becomes a teacher in YOSEIKAN-BUDO and starts training instructors.

In 1977, he becomes a police investigator in Paris and spends the following 20 years perfecting his training in martial arts (Judo, Aikido, Karate, Ko-Budo, Kenpo, Yoseikan-Budo, Tae Kwon Do and Chinna). He also assists Hiroo MOCHIZUKI for classes and seminars.

4th Dan in Yoseikan Budo and is made a Kyoshi

instructor in Full-Contact, Kick-Boxing and Thai Boxing and trains in traditional Asian weaponry (Ko-Budo) as well as Nunchaku and Tonfa. His work in promoting martial arts is acknowledged by the French administration: in 1983 he is awarded the National Medal for Sports and Youth.

A few years later Jean-Paul BINDEL starts his own school: “Ecole Française de Budo”. Minoru MOCHIZUKI (10th Dan, Meijin) suggests an affiliation with the “INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF NIPPON BUDO”. Jean-Paul BINDEL is awarded a 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and named KYOSHI. In 1995 the IFNB awards him a 7Th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and 5th Dan in Kenpo. In 2000, not only does he receive a 6th Dan in Kenpo and a 3rd Dan in Iaido, but he is also given the title of SHIHAN.

6th Dan in KIAIDO, 9th Dan in DKI

Jean-Paul BINDEL keeps on training and traveling extensively to promote TOREIKAN-BUDO and KYUSHO-JITSU in Europe.

Professor Stephen Nicholls

Associate Professor Stephen Nicholls

Professor Nicholls has studied the Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu system of Ju-Jitsu for 34 years. His training began in 1980 with the head of the style, Professor Sig Kufferath. This good fortune of studying with one of Professor Okazaki’s top students was not lost on Professor Nicholls and his time spent with the late Professor Kufferath developed well beyond the student teacher relationship into a profound and enduring friendship.

When Professor Kufferath insisted Professor Nicholls open the first Kodenkan dojo in Britain, he passed on this responsibility with his blessing. Shortly after this great honour was bestowed, Professor Nicholls was made the British and European Director of the Kilohana Martial Arts Society, a title he was very proud to hold for his 15 years of service. He is also the founder of Kodenkan International, and the 1Touch Project. Professor Nicholls has founded Kodenkan dojos in France, England, and Spain. He has introduced Seifuku across Europe. Professor Nicholls has presented in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, and at the Polish Central Training Centre of Prison Services.

In addition to the invaluable guidance of Professor Kufferath, Professor Nicholls has studied with such masters as Sifu John Chow Hoon, Sensei Wally Jay and Sensei Walter Todd among many others.  While having the privilege of receiving the rank of Nidan in Kempo-Jitsu from Shihan Russ Rhodes and holding lesser ranks in Shotokan-Karate and Aikido, Professor Nicholls remains ostensibly a ju-jitsuka, always striving to better understand and achieve the deepest principals imparted by the Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu.

Professor Nicholls is the American Jujitsu Institute representative in Europe though Kodenkan International.

Sensei Jason Parrish

Sensei Jason Parrish

Teaches Kodenkan/Danzan-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu via the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System in Jacksonville, FL with his father, Professor Steve Barber. While raising his son, Professor Barber, who himself was a student of Professor Bill Beach, saw the passion for martial arts in Jason, but refrained from teaching him more than basic self-defense until Parrish was grown enough to handle the responsibility of true, jiu-jitsu training.  After finishing college, Parrish began faithfully attending Professor Alex Limbaugh’s School of Kodenkan Jiu-Jitsu, where Professor Barber and Professor Barry Bennet also trained. Parrish received his Sankyu under Professor Limbaugh in 2006.

Soon afterwards, Parrish transitioned with the dojo to Prof. Limbaugh’s successor, Sensei Scott Gray, who continued to instruct him along with the Professors through the ranks of Nikyu (2008) and Ikkyu (2010).  In February of 2012, Parrish and his father opened the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System Kodenkan Dojo. It was here, on April 14, 2012, that Parrish was awarded the rank of Shodan, along with the title of Sensei.

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