“Kodenkan” (古傳館) may be translated as ‘The School of the Ancient Tradition’ or as ‘The School in Which Senior Students Transmit the Tradition.’ Both translations are correct. “Kodenkan” is the name Professor Okazaki gave to his school.

Portrait of Kufferath
Professor Sig Kufferath

Professor Okazaki moved to The Hawaiian Islands in the early 1920s to teach his beloved Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu. Not long after, Mr. Sig Kufferath first encountered the professor and a close, personal relationship evolved.

After Professor Okazaki’s untimely death in 1951, Sensei Kufferath was elected, in a unanimous decision by the highest-ranking black belts, to take over the title of Professor from Okazaki. Professor Kufferath thereby became the second Headmaster of the Kodenkan Danzan Ryu style of Ju Jitsu.

Professor Sigmund Kufferath died at his home in Santa Clara, CA on May 7,1999 with his family and friends at his side. He lived a long and full life passing his knowledge on to many by whom he will be missed.

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