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Welcome to the British Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu (柔術) is a Japanese system of philosophy, combat, and defence. It is one of the world’s oldest martial arts, being the forerunner and mother art of many modern day martial ways.

Danzan Ryu (檀山流) Ju Jitsu, the style of Ju Jitsu taught here at British Kodenkan is unique among the martial arts in the effectiveness and range of its techniques. Unlike other martial arts and martial ways, it does not rely on only one aspect of fighting – it is instead the totality of all known modes of physical combat, backed by a strong mental discipline, and combined with a philosophical understanding and appreciation of the art.

Portrait of Okazaki
Ju Jitsu can be defined as a generic term applied to an integrated system of combat that incorporates numerous methods of fighting not particularly similar in appearance.

In the varied array of the Ju Jitsu repertoire, one finds an elaborate system of combat including methods of striking, punching, kicking, throwing, choking, strangulation, joint – locking, bone breaking, restraining, holding, grappling, nerve techniques, immobilization, evasion, self-defense, weaponry, tying techniques, resuscitation methods, massage, and a strong emphasis on a mental meditative discipline.

It is quite evident with this comprehensive repertoire of techniques in the framework of Ju Jitsu that the array of strategic possibilities would be quite infinite.

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